A Review of the Best Gaming Monitors Available Today


If you’re on the hunt for just any monitor, you’ll be spoilt for choice. They come in all shapes, designs, sizes and specifications. But, if you’re a gamer, you’ll tend to be more specific about what you want. You’ll consider factors like brightness, black level, contrast ratio, refresh rate, and so on. While they might sound like jargon to everyone else, they’re make-or-break issues for you. To discover which monitor does what, here are the 14 best gaming monitors in the market.


1) BenQ GL2450 ($149/£120)


The first on the list is the 24-inch GL2450. Despite its low price, you get a 1080p TN screen that delivers decent picture quality. It also has consistent backlighting. Unfortunately, its 949:1 contrast ratio is insufficient for high quality color work. Another flaw is the lack of HDMI. This is despite having plenty of DVI and VGA connections. For this, you will have to upgrade to the GL2450HM.

2) Asus PB2870 ($470/£379)


The PB2870 is an affordable 28-inch 4K TN monitor designed for serious PC gamers. This is thanks to flicker-free backlighting and 10.6ms input lag. The only problem you’ll have with the PB2870 is the poor vertical viewing angle.

3) Samsung U32E85OR ($1,118/£900)


At 32 inches, this 4K monitor is a gamer’s best friend. For starters, it comes with AMD Freesync technology for the smoothest gaming. It also has a 10ms input lag, 800.1 contrast ratio, and a black level of 0.09 nits. Better yet, you can pivot it or adjust its tilt and height. Despite all these features and high price tag, it has a low refresh rate of only 60Hz.

4) A0C U3477PQU: Ultra-Wide ($621/£500)


The 34-inch AOC brings you the best in picture quality, luminance and black level. Like all ultra-wide screen, it displays two windows side-by-side. You also get DVI, DisplayPort, VGA, and HDMI connectors. The only complaint you’ll have about the AOC is the high input lag.

5) Samsung S34E790C: Curved, Ultra-Wide ($900/£725)


This curved display is for you if sitting close to one for an immersive gaming experience is your thing. Its specifications are just outstanding. For example, its aspect ratio of 21:9 is way above the normal 16:9. The contrast ratio is a decent 2.133:1 while the input lag is only 10.9ms. The S34790C also features a high refresh rate, HDMI and DisplayPort connectors as well as 4 USB ports.

6) Samsung S32D850T ($596/£480)


This 32-inch monitor is tailor-made for office use. For this reason, its VA display produces brilliant images that you can view from any angle. It also has with a flexible swiveling stand with height adjustment. To connect it to a PC and other devices, it has manyUSB, DVI, DisplayPort, and HDMI ports. Its buttons are also big and well-marked to make it easier to use. To save on power, it features an Eco-mode function.

7) Acer Predator XB271HU ($994/£800)


You might find it price tag is pretty steep for a 27-inch display, but it’s worth it. The features you get are all top-notch. For instance, this Acer has an incredible 165Hz refresh rate. Besides featuring IPS technology, the screen also has an NVidia graphics kit and G-Sync.

8) Asus MG279Q ($720/£580)


This is another gaming display featuring a high refresh rate, in this case 144Hz. Like the Predator, it has a 27-inch IPS display but with AMD Freesync and 60fps. It also features good viewing angles, black level and brilliant contrast. Even better, you get a height adjustable stand thrown into the package.

9) Asus Rog Swift PG27AQ ($1,093/£880)


Despite its fancy name, the Rog Swift is a premium product. It features NVidia G-Sync for smooth gaming. The NVidia ensures near-perfect black level, high contrast ratio, and input lag. To top it all off, you get HDMI, USB and DisplayPort inputs. The only disappointing thing about the Rog Swift is the low refresh rate of 60Hz.

10) Viewsonic VP2772 ($770/£620)


The VP2772 promises professional color quality at the cheapest possible price, and it delivers. This is unlike most large monitors you encounter with poor resolutions. The VP2772’s 27-inch IPS display delivers an impressive 2560x1440p output. It also features a 12-bit color engine for professional-quality color images.

11) NEC EA244UHD ($1,240/£1,000)


The 24-inch EA244UHD is the most expensive monitor so far and yet one of the smallest. Make no mistake about it; it is also one of the best. You will love it you’re an imaging professional who insists on quality but in a compact form. Its excellent color accuracy is second to none. To position it better, there’s a height-adjustable stand. There’s also a power-saving mode to conserve energy.

12) DELL UP2715K ($1,980/£1594)


If you’ve never heard of a 5K display, you must have heard of the 5K iMac. Well, this is its rival. At 27 inches, the UP2715K delivers 5K picture and color quality and superior performance. This makes it one of the best gaming monitors around. Unfortunately, Windows applications don’t work well in 5K yet. So, in the meantime, you can use it for gaming.

13) Samsung UD970 ($1,863/£1,500)


This 32-inch display is for imaging professionals. Even so, you will have no issues with its performance if you love gaming. This is due to its 3840×2160 resolution with ensures exceptional color accuracy and uniformity. One thing you’ll need when moving it about is strong arms. It weighs a hefty 14kgs.

14) Eizo Coloredge CG277 ($1926/ £1,550)


Eizo is good at making professional monitors and the 27-inch Coloredge is no different. It caters to color critical applications and, thus, has a built in calibration sensor. This makes your Coloredge monitor capable of displaying a billion colors.