Best computer accessories


Let me showcase some of the best computer accessories for 2017. There are thousands of accessories to look into but my focus is on the Logitech range of mice.

Choosing a correct mouse can be a daunting task but this is an important decision that we have take as we are going to be using it every time we are working on our desktops or laptops. Let me try and first walk you through the types of mouse available to make your life easier so that you make your onscreen life easier.

There are various shapes, design and specifications available. Do you need a full size desktop mouse or a mobile mouse? The differences could be huge. A desktop mouse will be bigger with a better grip and more comfortable due to the ergonomics, where as a mobile mouse will be smaller, running on battery and providing basic functionality.

I also have to mention that there are USB powered wired mouse verses wireless Bluetooth or USB dongle enabled mice. Mice have gone high tech with up to 8 buttons which can be mapped to different functions like opening different programs or switching between windows. A game freak should look for the optical sensor mouse else the laser precision is good for all other purposes.

With that in mind let us look at some of the best of Logitech mice in the market:

Logitech Wireless Mouse M150


A mouse that is rich on features and colors. It has an hour glass shape that gives your hand a very comfortable feeling. Map its 7 buttons (yes 7 buttons) to your convenience and have the most frequently used functions and shortcuts on your fingertips. The mouse works pretty well on all surfaces except for that of glass or mirror. But for me best is the notched wheel which scrolls vertically and clicks to the left and right also for horizontal scrolling. An important feature for the excel users.

Logitech Marathon Mouse M705 Review


This is an ergonomically designed mouse with an excellent grip and follows the natural curves of your palm. It has a large top surface to accommodate a range of palms. The 6 extra buttons make your onscreen life easier by mapping them to various functions.

The feature that really made me sit up is that you can switch between the smooth scroll and notched scrolling with just a button press on the top. It works out of the box with the unifying receiver which can connect another 6 devices. This also works on most surfaces except for glass.

Logitech MX Anywhere 2


This is one of the high end travel mouse with a pretty good set of features. The plus point is the Darkfield laser technology which makes sure it works on practically any surface including glass. The other wow factor is the rechargeable battery which will last you for 60 days on a single charge. This connects easily to a Windows or a Mac machine with the unifying USB dongle or even through a Bluetooth receiver. Customizable buttons and the speed adaptive scroll with the touch of a button allows for smooth scrolling. But there is no left to right scrolling on this travel mouse. This is a much better mouse than its predecessor MX Anywhere.

Logitech MX Master


A power packed mouse built for precision, speed and perfectly designed to fit your hand. I think this has the best specs that a mouse can get. It works out of the box with a Windows or a Mac machine and can be paired via the Bluetooth receiver or the unifying dongle. The Darkfield technology makes sure you can use it on glass surfaces also.

A range of customizable buttons and Mac users get the additional gesture support on this mouse. A single charge of the non removable battery will get you through 40 days of uninterrupted usage. And did I miss to mention the speed adaptive scroll with left to right scrolling? Yes it is very much a feature on this mouse. It is a luxury in your hands but at a price.

Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard


An ideal device when you want to connect 3 devices and switch between them. Yes this Bluetooth enabled keyboard connects to 3 devices (iPhones, Androids, tablets or desktops) simultaneously. A slim device powered by 2 AA batteries that last you for 2 years. The keys are well placed for any mistypes though the occasional mistype between the caps lock and “a” key does happen.