Best Laptops for College Students


A laptop is more of a necessity in college, and what’s more important is getting the right laptop to fully compliment your course. The right choice of a laptop is the one that suits both your school work and the extra work you wish to do outside the classroom environment. If you are looking for something great, something substantial that will see you get through the daily school work with less struggle, we surely got your back! Here is a complete review that will guide you to get the powerful laptop your classes demand.

Dell XPS 13

This is one of the powerful, portable and cost effective gadgets in the market. The flexible package comes with high-tech specs; 13.3-inch full HD display (infinity Edge), Intel core i5 with enabled Touchscreen, 128 GB SSD, 4GB RAM and a 2.3 GHz processor. This laptop will get you through all your class endeavors from software programming, Auto Desk 3DS max to Photoshop drivers and tools.

Dell XPS


Dell XPS 13 offers a great sense of entertainment apart from its core- class work superiority. With the 13.3 inch display, you surely are going to enjoy the HD graphics with the sharpest images on a portable machine ever. This laptop is essential in day to day life and can also be used for media purposes, watching TV shows and movies. It also forms a decent gaming companion for those games that runs perfectly on a 4GB RAM machine.

Apple Macbook

From the renowned Apple company, is this wonderful portable machine. The Retina display, Force Touch trackpad, and a long life battery life make this laptop a must have for your school work. The well-integrated software packed in this unique hardware is another plus, the Force Touch mouse pad will help you navigate easily through the intense content.


The OSX operating laptop comes in various screen inches and your demands dictate the kind of laptop to purchase. The 12″ model is good enough to handle all the work you feel like doing with it and makes it an ideal size. This solid machine is best for any design or creative projects and applications that are compatible and can be supported by the OSX operating system. This laptop has all that it takes to be the King of the best students’ laptops.

HP Stream 13

HP Stream 13

With the stream of Hp models in the market, this particular HP stream 13 has some of the unique specs we can’t afford to neglect. The 13.3-inch display, 2 GB RAM, Intel Celeron N3050 and the 32GB SSD storage inside the durable shell comes with a one- year free subscription to office 365. This pocket-friendly machine is quite portable and is a great choice if the color is given a priority. HP Stream 13 is one of the colorful (available in Violet Purple, Horizon Blue, Cobalt Blue and Orchid Magenta) and most durable machines in the market that keeps technology in one piece.

Microsoft Surface Book

Microsoft Surface Book

This is a user oriented two in one portable machine that allows transition from a laptop to a tablet, or rather to the clipboard mode. The convertible design of the Surface Book with an enabled touch screen is a great marvel. The high-tech specs keep this laptop on the forefront; a 13.5-inch display, 8GB of RAM, 128 GB SSD storage, and an Intel core-i5 processor.The Microsoft Surface Book is a powerful machine for the demanding graphic design tasks and software tools such as Photoshop and CAD. Its portability is notable makes is a fantastic student companion.

Asus X551MA

This mid-range laptop forms a perfect blend from its spectacular combination of simple and quality tech specs. The 15.6-inch display has a 4 GB of RAM, Intel dual-core N2830 (Celeron) and a 500 GB of internal memory storage. It makes to the list of the best laptops for college students because it packs all you need in a simple technology and can handle the basic tasks competently. It’s a solid and affordable laptop that will serve your needs fully.

Asus X551MA

Other laptops that make to the list are the Samsung Chrome book 2, Asus C201 and the Acer Chrome book 15. The 13.3-inch display Samsung Chrome book 2 has a 4 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage, Exynos 5 octa-core processor, and an Intel HD Graphics. Acer Chrome book 15 has a 2.16 GHz processor with a lightweight making it quite portable.

Factors to consider when choosing a college laptop


This should be given the first priority. The performance of any laptop can be determined by its specs, for example; 8 GB of RAM has a higher performance as compared to a 4 GB of RAM. The hard drive, display and operating system of a given laptop determine its performance. A 2GHz processor and above is ideal for design and other uphill-tasks and applications, a display of 720p or higher is ideal for a quality screen resolution.

Portability and battery life

A lightweight laptop with sleek design is quite portable and preferably the best as compared to a chunky laptop. This will enable you to pack your machine with the textbooks and move around with it easily.

A battery that lasts for a day is the best you can get, but at least a 7-14 hour battery can last long enough to wind up your task without necessarily having a charger in close proximity. It’s wise to purchase a laptop that lasts for more than four hours since this is dependable and efficient in case of power blackouts.

Make an effort and get a quality laptop your future self will thank you for. From the above list of Best Laptops for College Students, you are surely going to get one whose specs perfectly suit your demands. A good laptop in college defines your success and ease of study.