Features of the Best Computer Monitors 2017


Finding the best computer monitors in 2017 has become much harder than in the previous years. This is pegged on advanced technology, increased competition, and also more-demanding consumers. Though they may resemble TV monitors, computer monitors are quite different and possess a lot more features. 2017 has seen many top computers being launched into the market. However, looking at the various models and types, we notice they all share the following features:

Wide Screen

Modern computers just like TVs are coming with much wider screens. Gone are the days when a 14, 15 or 17-inch monitor was the norm. Nowadays, people are opting for screens that start from 21 inches. Looking at the top computer monitors in the market, we can observe that the wider the screen is, the better the experience. In addition to offering better clarity and less eye-strain, screens wider than 24 inches look trendier. It’s however vital not to focus too much on the screen size at the expense of other features.


Resolution plays a vital role when selected a good computer monitor. Top rated monitors come with high resolution which produces high quality pictures. Furthermore, they also offer a range of resolutions so as to match the picture size and individual preference. For instance, though high resolution offers better clarity, it may make the images or texts smaller. This can be corrected by increasing the screen size. Good products will come with 3K by 2K resolution. It’s also possible to find monitors with 4K resolution.


Fast Refresh Rate

Computer applications have become more demanding than they were some years back. Users want to not only undertake computing work but also listen to music as well as play energy-demanding computing games. Unless your monitor has speedy reaction times, you will experiences drag or hanging screens which ruins the whole experience. The top products in the market come with fast refresh rate of 60Hz, 120Hz or 144Hz, and this assures you of seamless viewing.

Compatible Connections and Accessories

In today’s world, the computer is used in many applications in the home, school, office and other areas. While one person may use it for computing, another will be playing games on it. Some people will choose to stream live via the internet while other individuals will play music via Bluetooth, USB or DVD. The best computer monitors 2017 are compatible with different accessories and come with a range of connections and ports. You will find HDMI, DVI, USBs, DisplayPort, Bluetooth, Infrared and much more. These make it easy to connect the monitors to many devices.


To have the ultimate experience, you need to be able to view the images and texts from different angles without straining. What’s more, you won’t experience fatigue or aching joints such as fingers or the wrists. The best monitors for computing feature more advanced ergonomics that ensure the above drawbacks will not be experienced. They have large anti-glare screens which are not affected by too much light and will not reflect any glare. The images and texts are still clear even when viewed from an angle.


Response Time

A feature that is common in the top monitors is quick response time. The y will update the images on the screen quickly minimizing any delay or drag. Such a feature is most important for operations that require lots of graphics such as designing and gaming. A good screen will refresh in milliseconds and thgis provides robust and quality imagery. Also, there will be minimal distortion or overlapping of pictures or texts.

Panel Type

Though looking like a basic feature, the panel will influence the experience you’ll have while using a computer monitor. There are different types and each feature its unique specifications and benefits. Twisted nematic (TN) are popular among budget shoppers and gamers, while individuals looking for good clarity and color opt for vertical alignment panels. Although they are the most expensive, In-Plane switching type of panels offer good viewing angles, color accuracy, and brightness.

Finding the right computer monitor becomes much easier when you focus on the above features. In fact, using this list as a checklist will save you time, effort as well as money. A good monitor will have high-resolution, good refresh rate, fast response time, and a user-friendly screen among other features. Zeroing in on a single product may be a challenge particularly to those who lack the skills and knowledge. You can however find the right product easily and with minimal stress by reading best computer monitors reviews.