Gaming Ultra Books and Gaming Laptops-The Best Laptops Review


Playing games on thin laptops or ultrabooks may’ve looked unrealistic few years ago, but is now a realit.y Despite their compact bodies, these ultrabooks have a powerful hardware that can handle all the recent titles. 
If you’re interested in something ultraportable, you would like a machine that comes with graphics that are fully integrated, and if you get this with Kaby Lake or Intel Skylake hardware, you can easily play most of the games on its 19X10 resolutions with medium/low details. There are few gadgets out there with Iris Pro and Iris graphics that can push gaming capabilities even further. up to one TB storage space


Gaming ultraportables equipped with Nvidia graphics 

You can consider these if you really need the best ever performance for games in a light and thin body. They come with GTX 1070 and 1080 configurations, but few of them have Nvidia GTX 1060 chips that can run smoothly the most recent titles on 19X10 with ultra high details. 

14-inch gaming ultrabooks 


This best laptops review section deals with smallest laptops equipped with graphics (10inX14in) screens, Nvidia 940M graphic chip and Skylake hardware. We’ll discuss more options first and will then move on to powerful models later in this best laptops review section. 

The Asus 12 inch Zenbooks  


The Zenbook is actually a 13-incher with built-in dedicated graphics. The series has two more options: UX303LB or UX303UB. They share the same keyboard, chassis and display. So Aus kept its package and updated just its internals on new generations. 
These Zenbooks have similar aluminum case that weights around 2.7 lbs and it surely feels both strong and nice. Most of the models are without touchscreen. The display is bright and crisp, and does a great job in displaying right colors. You also get 12 GB RAM and 50Wh of battery that allows 6-7 hours of run time and 2 hrs gaming. 

Alienware 13 gaming notebook 


The Alienware 13 is ultraportable and delivers a solid power punch in 13-inch form factor. Its latest version bundles Nvidia GTX 1060 graphics chip with SKylake HQ processors and 32 GB RAM that makes it better equipped in dealing with demanding chores and games. 
It comes with 78Wh batter and speakers on its sides and many screen choices. Despite bundling variety of features, the Alienware 13 has a compact but thick (0.93 inches) body and is slightly heavy (5.0 lbs) in its class. It has many USB ports on the body and a TB3 connector, but there’s no card slot. The keyboard offers a classic layout and is backlit. You can adjust its colors through included app. 

Razer Blade 14 – sleek and fast 


Razor Blade 14 is a light and thin gaming laptop and feels asif it is a premium computer. Its rock solid and beautiful body is in the shape of aluminum hull, but is light and compact and comes with touch screen option. 
It has a Core i7 processor on Blade14, 16GB DDR RAM, and up to one TB storage space. It is paired with 1800 x 3200 px IGZO display or 1920 X 1080 px matte panel. 
The Blade has its RBG backlit keyboard comes with anti-ghosting properties. You also get HDMI 2.0 video output, thunderbolt 3 port, 3 USB ports, which makes it fully compatible with different external graphics such as Razer core. Its latest versio has FHD screen, 256 SSD, and around 16 GB of RAM. 


The GS42 is a compact 14 incher with quad core-processor and dedicated graphics from Nvidia. It is built using latest Core 7 HQ processors, bundles Nvidia graphics, supports DDR 4 RAM and offers you both a regular 2.5” bay and a PCIe M.2 storage. It has 61Wh battery that can run for 4-5 hours. 

Gigabyte Aero 14 


Gigabytep Aero 14 bundles HQ processors with powerful Nvidia 1060 graphics and upto 32 GB DDR Memory. It relies only on M2 storage and allows it get 94 Wh of battery life. From best laptops review it is evident that its keyboard is compact and screen gets QHD matte panel without any GSync support. 

Aorus X3 Plus 


The Arous X3 Plus is unclocked with Intel quad-core processor and is only sub-incher in this category. It is paired with sophisticated Nvidia graphics and can support up to 32 GB DDR4 RAM. It has 73 Wh battery with 3200X1800 px IPS screen. It is little thicker than other ultraportable options in this article. Its keyboard doesn’t get backlit RGB keys and has only regular white backlighting. 
You can find many exciting deals on these ultralaptops on the Internet. You can choose the best machine according to your budget.