Surface Studio: The Best Desktop Computer Ever Made?


The new Surface Studio is actually the first Desktop computer built by Microsoft. Even though it’s extremely practical, its design is considered a bit “strange” by a lot of reviewers. The new Surface Studio features a 28-inch screen, with some incredible characteristics. The most notable ones are the 4500 x 3000 resolution or the 30 bits per pixel feature. These things provide a great quality and an amazing realism of colors. It might be the best desktop computer, mostly because you cannot compare it with anything else. 
Besides its unique design, the Surface Studio is also a great representation of great engineering. The 28-inch screen is heavy, weighting about 6.1 kg / 13.5 lbs but with good reason. Because of the professional hinge, folding or moving the screen doesn’t require any effort, and despite its impressive weight, it can be done even by a child. You can fold the screen to a 20 degree position, which will allow you to use it like a tablet or like a drawing canvas. The balance is perfect, and you will have no unpleasant situations while laying your hands on it. 
Surface Studio might be considered one of the best desktop computers, but it’s even more than that. As Microsoft has accustomed us, they highly insist on human’s direct interaction with the device. The Surface Dial is a Bluetooth operated accessory, which will ensure a great system functionality. Using spinning and clicking, this device is extremely helpful when you’re using the computer in Studio Mode, or when you’re trying to accurately select a color shade. 

Even though it’s probably the best desktop computer ever, the Surface Studio has some drawbacks. The most notable one is based on its configuration. The specifications are more than decent but still, they aren’t at the highest level, as we would expect it. For example, the GPU consists into a Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M. Not bad at all, but not enough for a passionate gamer. Still, we have to consider that Surface Studio is an all-in-one type of computer, which comes with a lot of other advantages comparing it to a standard desktop computer. 
The all-in-one computers trend was firstly started by Apple. We all remember their first CRT iMacs, which started this “fashion”. Still, most of the premiere models were designed for everyone (as technology and price). Today, there are lots of famous Tech Companies which are producing all-in-one systems. We have to admit that most of them can be a little expensive but there are some cheap alternatives which also offer an increased control and adaptability. 
Unfortunately, the Surface Studio in not one of them. And it’s understandable. It’s one of the best desktop computers ever built, and it’s designed as a highly specialized system for artists and any kind of professionals. For an artist, this can be a dream computer, because its versatility and because it can immediately turn from a regular computer into a drafting table. It can fulfill a wide range of roles and it can ease work for its user. 
Like we said before, the price of the new Surface Studio can be a little hefty. For example, a model with an I5 processor, 8 GB RAM and a GTX 965M GPU costs no less than $2,999. However, a premium I7 processor, with 32 GB RAM and a GTX 980M, could cost up to $4,199. But still, for an artist who needs an all-in-one computer, this is not such a big deal. Actually, a lot of artists said that they were really impressed about the features of the Surface Studio, and that they’re willing to buy one. 
As expected, the Surface Studio is not really a product destined for anybody. Even though the interface and the accessibility is very user-friendly, the price is the one who is not really “friendly”. Still, if you’re a professional and you wonder if it’s worth the money, the answer is yes. We’re talking about a top Microsoft product, with a great attention to details and a great value for money. It’s a specialized device, probably one of the best desktop computer ever built, and why not, the best all-in-one system ever built. If you value quality and you have the necessarily amount, the Surface Studio can be a really smart investment. You just cannot find anything better on the market at this moment and if your work requires an all-in-one system, this is by far the best option.