Top 7 Best Gaming Monitors 2017


A gaming monitor needs to provide High Definition images for the best gaming experience. This write-up provides you with the some of the best gaming monitors that you need to consider. The features that are considered in writing these reviews include; the refresh rates, panel technology, G-Sync, and Resolution.

Acer Predator X34 34” Gaming Monitor

This is monitor is a top pick due to its significant size; it is also beautiful and durable. The 34-inch screen is slightly curved and offers an unforgettable experience for the professional gamers. The curved nature makes it stand out of the typical computer monitor by providing a clearer 3D view.

The 3440×1440 resolution is an excellent feature of this fantastic monitor. On top of this are the display ports and the HDMI connectors that will allow you to connect your monitor directly to your computer. Several USB ports let you connect your monitor to various peripherals such as USB sticks and other USB-compatible components.



In addition to the unique and the amazing features of this top rated monitor, the X34 has an aspect ratio of 21:9. When you need to run a high-performance game, the monitor can be overclocked from 60Hz to up to 100hz in the control panel or monitor settings.

The monitor has G-Sync capabilities designed with NVIDIA property technology which simplifies the V-Sync thus improving the performance. What the G-Sync does synchronize the monitor display refresh rate with the GPU for instantaneous image rendering. However, it is of the essence to note that you need a compatible NVIDIA graphic cards for the G-Sync to happen, failure to which the monitor defaults to V-Sync technology.

ASUS MG279Q 27” Gaming Monitor


This monitor is a top pick due to its capabilities for editing, and a memorable gaming experience. The screen size is big enough hence no need for eye strain during gaming sessions. The refresh rate of 144 Hz is great thus promising a high definition thrilling images.

You do not have to spend extra cash in purchasing a USB hub, as the monitor comes with plenty of USB ports for peripheral connections. Even though it lacks the NVIDIA G-Sync features, it is equipped with latest FreeSync technology. To further improve your gaming experience, the ASUS MG279Q is fitted with the latest IPS Panes for high-quality color reproduction.

BenQ XL2730Z 27” Gaming Monitor

You will love this monitor due to its inexpensive nature but with exceptional features. The 27-inch screen offers a 144Hz refresh rate and Clear definition pictures. It also features a Smart Scaling, Display Mode, and a 2560×1440 screen resolution.

Additional features include AMD FreeSync technology which gives clear images at a low light technology. This reduces eye fatigue and the need to pause your game while playing due to eye strains.

BenQ XL2730Z

There are various USB ports and an HDMI port on the rear end of the monitor which allows for peripheral connections.

Among all the features, the most amazing and unique ones include; the retractable rack which is mainly designed to hold earphones and an ergonomic handle which makes it easy to carry the monitor.

ASUS MG28UQ 4K Gaming Monitor


The MG28UQ is the best budget monitor for gamers. Even though there are no plenty of graphics cards for this type of monitor, a Pascal is provided which gives the expected features as NVIDIA graphics card. The refresh rate is still best for the monitors of same price range. This monitor is ideal especially when you have a strained budget and still require a good gaming system.

Acer XB271HU 27” Gaming Monitor


It is the best among the monitors of the same price range. It provides insane refresh rates and performance among the monitors in its category. It features a 144HZ refresh rate which can be overclocked to 165Hz when overdrive is turned ON. It is also equipped with G-Sync tech from NVIDIA for best definition.

Acer XB280HK 28” Gaming Monitor


This 28-inches screen integrates a 4K resolution and the G-Sync Speed correctly for the best gaming experience. It features 5 USB ports for peripheral connections as well as mobile device charging.